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Protective Covers

Whether you are looking for an easy way to protect your Manutti furniture from bad weather conditions or for an elegant solution to store your Manutti pieces in the off- season: our protective covers will do the trick.

Our soft covers present you with the best stain and water-repellent outdoor protection. With handy stay-on straps, our close fit covers ensure easy placement and maintenance. In addition, their antifungal properties will prevent the build up of mold and other fungi.

We offer an appropriate cover solution for almost every collection.

Protective covers for furniture

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Protective covers for tables

Only for Trespa®, acid etched glass and ceramic table tops.
Available for rectangular, square, round and tip-up tables.

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Concept Covers For Modular Collections

Polyurethane coated soft covers
• Welded, not stitched seams (no water infiltration possible)
• Mold and fungal resistant
• Breathable fabric

Concept covers are available for the concepts of the KUMO and ELEMENTS collections.
Modular concept covers are available for modular configurations of the ZENDO, SQUAT, ASPEN and SAN DIEGO collections.

How to order your concept cover?

Make your composition in our terrace planner. Specify the seat concept or replicate the exact set for wich you want to make a cover and save it on the Manutti server.

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To order, please export the PDF and send it to your Manutti contact person or your dealer.

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