Combining both durability and airy design, Duo features pure lines. The product of traditional craftsmanship and meticulous metalwork, Duo plays the transparency card and reveals its entire frame. Offered as a chair and a rocking chair version, Duo is composed of two frames made of bent steel, connected one to the other and giving the impression of being held together by ropes. DUO rocking chair is the proud winner of the 2018 Archiproducts Design Award in the category Outdoor.

Chair Chair

Rocking chair Rocking chair

Rocking chair  /  FS-RC02

Frame: PCA Lava F10
Finishing: Anthracite 4.5 Mm R3
Options: Cushions available, protective cover

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  •   6525.6" 57,522.4"
  •   7931.1" 44,517.3" 41.6" 60,523.6"
  •   60,523.6" 57,522.4"
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PCA lava F10


anthracite 4.5 mm R3

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