Enticing forms and alluring architecture are the core concepts of the Elements collection. This creation by designer Gerd Couckhuyt is an ultra-modular outdoor seating island with endless arrangement options. Movable back positions, accessories such as a footrest and an occasional table sliding in a slot, make this island the epitome of serenity and relaxation. A slender strip of illuminating LED lights allows the Elements to hover. The combination of subdued colours and durable materials such as Quaryl® with a soft touch gives the arrangement a certain prestige, offering the ultimate in seating comfort. Elements was awarded a Red Dot Award in 2014. It is now possible to turn it into a more rounded seating concept thanks to its more voluminous cushions, warmer tones and more generous lined backrests.

Concept 1 Concept 1

Concept 2 Concept 2

Concept 3 Concept 3

Concept 4 Concept 4

Concept 5 Concept 5

Concept 6 Concept 6

Footrest Footrest

Side table Side table

Trolley Trolley

Cushion box Cushion box

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