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Master of simplicity with an eye for detail

Bram Bollen was born in 1979 in Genk, Belgium. After obtaining a Master's degree at the Media & Design Academy in Genk in 2004, Bollen started as a freelance designer in the outdoor furniture industry. Throughout the years he has developed creative solutions for both professional and private customers. For Manutti, he designed the linear and timeless Liner collection in 2009-2010. Bollen finds inspiration in architecture and interior design. He is a master of simplicity and has a keen eye for detail, giving his designs a contemporary and refreshing feel.


These highly functional chairs and loungers are available in several matching designs. Contemporary styled, timeless design showcases the elegant muted colours of the fabrics with topstitching in matching shades. The powder coated aluminium frames make the pieces incredibly lightweight and provide the perfect finishing touch.

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