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Visual and emotional inspiration in everyday life

Gerd Couckhuyt (1970) is a Belgian designer who finds inspiration in visual and emotional stimuli in everyday life. In 2012, he created the Mood chair, lounge and coffee tables for Manutti, as well as the Loop chair. Two years later Manutti received the ‘Red Dot Award for Product Design’ for the Elements collection he designed in 2013. In 2014 he created the playful sofa concept Moon Island.


The chairs of the Mood collection are available in different heights. Each resin wicker chair can be moved around effortlessly thanks to its lightweight powder coated stainless steel frame. This collection also includes side tables in different sizes and finishes.

manutti design mood sfeer

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The Loop collection with powder coated frames is a lively and elegant chair collection. A colourful expression of passion, fantasy and beauty. Flexibility epitomised. Outside or inside, with or without armrest. The Loop collection is made complete with fabrics in natural colours, with the option of stacking. Loop ensures a welcoming ambiance in any imaginable place.


© Gerd Couckhuyt

manutti designer loop sfeer

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Enticing forms and alluring architecture are the core concepts of the Elements collection. Awarded a Red Dot Award in 2014, Elements is an ultra-modular outdoor seating island with endless arrangement options. The movable back positions, footrests and tables make this island the epitome of serenity and relaxation. A slender strip of illuminating LED lights gives Elements the impression it is floating. The combination of subdued colours and durable materials such as Quaryl® of Villeroy & Boch with a soft touch gives the arrangement a certain prestige. The latest colour, Vanilla, gives the new casual cushions a warmer finish.

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© Gerd Couckhuyt


The Moon Island collection surprises with its playful concept: four ‘islands’ that can be combined and rearranged around a central coffee table or footrest. The design is simple and pure. The technical composition of the materials - polyurethane foam filling, waterproof nautic leather or nautic textiles finish and aluminium structure - guarantees maximum lounge and seating comfort all year round. Manutti offers a wide range of colours to customise your set-up.

manutti designer moon island sfeer

manutti moon island schets

© Gerd Couckhuyt

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