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More than simply aesthetic appeal

Lionel Doyen is specialised in service, product and industrial design and product development. Since he launched his own studio in September 2013, he aims to establish a more personal, more experimental approach to product design and development. In partnership with companies like Manutti, he hopes to promote a more comprehensive strategy, taking into consideration the customer’s relationship with the product and its use, the innovative aspects and implementation more than simply its aesthetic appeal.


Kumo is the Japanese word for cloud. This collection is a light and playful contemporary seating island and invites you to create a personalised outdoor cocoon. Its concept with interchangeable covers comes in different shapes and sizes, with decorative pillows, seat and back cushions. The armrests and back supports are easily adjustable and can be moved around, transforming the Kumo cloud into a comfortable sofa or stylish lounger, a lounge chair or cool footrest. Mixing and matching was never this easy!

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Inspired by Japanese art, San is an iconic and sculptural piece of furniture for true design aficionados. Timeless and contemporary at the same time, the design radiates minimalist elegance with an eye for detail. A natural seating structure in exotic Iroko wood, powder coated stainless steel for the base, an Italian marble table, rounded backrests…

SAN enjoys mixing shapes and refined materials. This bench combines refinement and ingenuity. It fits perfectly in any design setting, exterior or interior.

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Solid is fashioned from solid teak and reputed for its infallible durability. Its lines simultaneously evoke the power of an extensively crafted wood, solidity with a backrest joined to both the legs and the arm rests, and comfort thanks to its delicately crafted plush seating that perfectly moulds the body.



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