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Park hotel Vitznau is a stunning jewel on the shores of lake Lucerne. A perfect blend of nostalgia and modern, the hotel is a tranquil oasis for peace and relaxation in the utmost privacy.

Location: Vitznau - Switzerland
Architect Public area’s: DI Albert E. Huber
Project type: Hotel


Contemporary style, timeless design

The client instantly fell in love with the Liner loungers. The contemporary style and timeless design matches perfectly with the modern, yet nostalgic vibes of the hotel. Taking into account the large size of the garden, it was important to have lightweight pieces of furniture. The Liner collection with its powder coated aluminium frames is a true lightweight.

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Contemporary equivalent of meditation and enjoyment

For the terraces of the suites, the client selected the Zendo collection with anodised aluminium frames. A seating experience to cherish, both outside and inside. It’s the contemporary equivalent of meditation and enjoyment, of atmosphere and ease. Extremely tasteful.

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