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Manutti launches its new brand identity

Manutti launches its new brand identity

Since 2002, we have been experts in outdoor furniture, pioneering in the use of faux leather covers and finishes with fine stitching in matching colours. Our expertise in the development and manufacturing of outdoor furniture solutions is recognized worldwide, making us a reference in outdoor furniture.

Today, Manutti serves customers in more than 50 countries. We have a strong ambition: to become a leading manufacturer of premium outdoor solutions created by leading designers.

To embody its growing leadership, Manutti has developed a new brand identity. Our renewed identity reflects who we are, what we value and what we do, establishing a strong visual link with our mission. 

A logo that shines           

The theme of our new logo design revolves around our ambition to deliver ultimate outdoor luxury experiences. Naturally, the sun is a key symbol, element and attraction of outdoor living.

Manutti rebranding

Manutti moments, from sunrise to sunset

Integrating the sun symbol in our new logo is an invitation to spend time under the sky in the company of friends, family and loved ones – at the beach, by the poolside, in your very own garden or on a rooftop hotel terrace. Our outdoor luxury solutions create your Manutti moments, from sunrise to sunset. 

Radoc sofa and loungers with Mood coffee table by the pool
Torsa dining table with Solid chairs teak natural
Flex nero with Solid stool and umbrella

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