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Sunreef Yachts

Sea, Sunreef

Manutti has joined forces with Sunreef Yachts, a renowned Polish shipyard famous for its luxurious catamarans and low-impact yachting practices. Both brands showcase exceptional craftsmanship and a strong commitment to eco-friendly materials. As a result, Manutti’s signature luxury furniture has adorned Sunreef yacht decks at prestigious boat shows around the world, creating impressive displays.

Flows sun lounger, Sunrise 1-seater, Sandua lighting

A new era for mindful splendour

Sunreef Yachts represents a new era of eco-conscious yachting with the 80 Sunreef Power ‘Athena Too’. This flagship model, praised at many international yacht shows, features full electric power, flexible solar panels, and cutting-edge green technology. It combines elegance, comfort, and high-speed performance for mindful ocean cruising. Each Sunreef catamaran also uses recycled teak for its interior floors, finished with non-toxic silicone-based paints.

Manutti is equally committed to sustainability. We source teak from responsibly managed plantations, use traditional fibres in woven fabrics, and prioritise environmentally friendly production processes. This shared dedication led to a creative collaboration, in which Manutti furnished the ‘Athena Too’ with carefully selected, seaworthy outdoor luxury furniture.

Flows sun lounger, Sunrise 1-seater, Sandua lighting

When Manutti met Athena

The bow terrace, which serves as a sunny retreat, simply asked for an elegant set-up of Manutti Flows sun loungers. Their curvy frames in traditional teak and powder-coated aluminium feature a tilting, ergonomic recliner and a hidden pumping system. They are beautifully complemented by Matthew Townsend’s Sunrise lounge chairs: a timeless teak design with high armrests and backrests, topped with plush cushions for ultimate comfort and luxury.

The arrangement is enhanced by decorative Sandua outdoor lighting, designed by Robin Hapelt. Inspired by Indonesian culture and handwoven from weather-resistant fibres and ropes, these dimmable lights cast a cosy golden glow over the bow terrace.

Manutti also uses eye-catching Sandua papasan chairs to outfit other Sunreef motor yachts. With their divine cushions nestled in a cradling shell on a solid teak base, they provide both security and luxury. Teak Torsa side tables, designed by Stephane De Winter, put the cherry on the cake.

Pioneers on and off shore

With this remarkable partnership, Manutti and Sunreef Yachts set new standards in their fields. From the innovative design of the 80 Sunreef Power ‘Athena Too’ to Manutti’s meticulously curated furnishings, this collaboration shows how luxury and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand, inspiring sustainable outdoor living on both land and sea.

Just as every Sunreef yacht is customised to the client’s wishes, so is Manutti furniture. Find your perfect pieces with the configurators on our website, or get inspired by the Manutti Moments experience.

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