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A lifetime of carefree enjoyment

Each Manutti creation has been manufactured with close attention to the smallest detail. We carefully select the best raw materials and finishings for your outdoor furniture, enabling it to withstand the most capricious weather conditions. To maintain and protect your Manutti pieces, we’ve developed a series of products that will guarantee their extended lifespan and your carefree enjoyment for many years to come.

Protective covers

We offer an appropriate cover solution for almost every collection. Whether you are looking for an easy way to protect your Manutti furniture from poor weather conditions or for an elegant off-season storage solution, our protective covers will do the trick. Our soft covers offer the best stain- and water-repelling protection. With handy stay-on straps, our close-fitting covers ensure easy placement and maintenance. In addition, their antifungal properties will prevent the mold growth. However, Manutti does not recommend using protective covers for wood tops (aged teak, teak and iroko).

Polyurethane coated soft covers

  • Welded, not stitched seams (no water infiltration possible)
  • Mold and fungal resistant
  • Breathable fabric


A protective cover is made to fit each separate piece of furniture: it follows the lines of the design so that, even when covered, you still can see the beautiful shape of your Manutti furniture. The protective covers for stackable chairs and 1-seaters fit over 4 stacked pieces.

  • Kumo
  • Elements
  • Moon island
    Moon island
  • Kobo
  • Cascade
  • Zendo
  • Liner
  • Loop
  • Duo
  • Radius
  • Echo
  • River
  • San Diego
    San Diego
  • Concept

    A concept cover is made to order to cover up your chosen Manutti concept in full. An easy-fitting solution.

  • Kumo
  • Elements
  • Zendo
  • San Diego
    San Diego
  • Fuse
  • Tabletop

    Our custom size tabletop covers only cover up the tabletop, not the support of the table nor the chairs you choose to use with the table. Only for Trespa®, acid etched glass and ceramic table tops.

  • Products

    Aluminium & metal furniture

    • Aluminium & metal furniture
      Aluminium & metal furniture
        Cleaning wax that protects the lacquered aluminium or metal on your Manutti garden furniture.

        ref. 10006
        ℮ 0,5L
    • Correction pen for powder coated surfaces
      Correction pen for powder coated surfaces
        Quick drying liquid paint (liquid, solvent free) for polyester powder coated surfaces. Ideal for retouching and repairing surface marks (impact, scratches, abrasion) on the powdercoating.

        ref. COR PCA
        ℮ 10ml

    Stainless steel furniture

    • Stainless steel cleaner & restorer
      Stainless steel cleaner & restorer
        Cleans stainless steel and restores its original beauty. Makes the surface resistant to dirt and moisture.

        ref. 10004
        ℮ 0,5L
    • Stainless steel wax protector
      Stainless steel wax protector
        Removes superficial oxidation deposits on stainless steel, and prevents oxidation spots on your furniture.

        ref. 10005
        ℮ 0,5L

    Teak furniture

    • Teak cleaner
      Teak cleaner
        Cleans greyed teak furniture and restores its clean and sturdy appearance.

        ref. 10001
        ℮ 1L
    • Teak stain protector
      Teak stain protector
        Saturates teak to make it impenetrable for liquids and dirt.

        ref. 10002
        ℮ 1L
    • Teak colour refresher
      Teak colour refresher
        Maintains the natural, golden brown colour of teak longer and restores greyed teak to its natural colour.

        ref. 10003
        ℮ 1L
    • Teak nero corrector
      Teak nero corrector
        Corrector to maintain and restore the black colour of the Manutti Teak Nero wood.

        ref. 10012
        ℮ 10ml

    Natural stone

    • Stone cleaner
      Stone cleaner
        Removes spots on natural stone, from wine to marker pens, and from oil to mould.

        ref. 10007
        ℮ 0,5L
    • Stone colour refresher
      Stone colour refresher
        Restores and deepens the colour of weatherbeaten, dark natural stone such as bluestone, granite and satingo nero.

        ref. 10009
        ℮ 0,5L
    • Stone stain protector
      Stone stain protector
        Penetrates natural stone to protect the surface against grease, moisture and dirt. Does not glaze, and allows the stone to continue to breathe. Limited or no discolouration.

        ref. 10008
        ℮ 0,5L
    • Grease & oil remover for stone
      Grease & oil remover for stone
        Removes soaked in spots from natural stone and absorbs impurities from the stone. Subsequent treatment with Manutti Stone Stain Protector is recommended.

        ref. 10010
        ℮ 0,25L

    Glass and Trespa®

    • Glass, Trespa® and Silestone® cleaner & polisher
      Glass, Trespa® and Silestone® cleaner & polisher
        Is ideal for removing all kinds of stains (like light scale and marks due to water residu). Together with the included cloth and thanks to the light sand structure of the cleaner the table top is easy to clean without leaving scratches.

        ref. 10011
        ℮ 0,25L

    Wicker & batyline® furniture

    • Woven & textiles cleaner
      Woven & textiles cleaner
        Cleans braided PVC and batyline used in the woven seats and supports of Manutti garden furniture. Not suitable for textile.

        ref. 10000
        ℮ 0,5L