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Terms and Policies - FOB

Terms and Policies FOB

Prices & Order Conditions

Prices All prices in the pricelist are net distributor prices in USD, VAT not included, and valid as of 01.11.2022. All prices are FOB from port of departure. Prices are valid for a minimum order volume of 1 full high cube or 40’ container.
All designs have been developed to optimize load capacity in high cube containers: 76m³ = 1200 x 234 x 269cm 2660 ft³ = 472 x 91 x 472.4”
Order Conditions:
All prices valid for full High Cube or 40ft containers
MOQ1 per item mentioned in pricelist, MOQ1 of 2 High Cube (HC) containers for Flex collection MOQ1 of 1 High Cube container for all other collections, Maximum of 1 collection per container and maximum mix of 4 items per container, Standard production time minimum 8 weeks except when mentioned otherwise

Manutti bv reserves the right to adjust the prices and models at any time without prior notice. Quotations are based on current prices of raw material. Manutti bv reserves the right to adjust prices when the fluctuation of raw material, currency or transport is more than 3%.

Pricing of cushions depends on the type of fabric, and is reflected in the different price categories. Our cushions are all made to order and cannot be cancelled or changed anymore 24h after placing your order.

The most recent version of our pricelists can always be found in the Professional Zone on our website and replaces all previous versions of the pricelist.

Manutti bv cannot be held responsible for variations in colour, weight or dimensions, since such variations are typical to handmade furniture. Some of the fabrics or materials shown in pictures of our furniture may be discontinued.

Sales conditions
The confirmed delivery times are always indicative. Manutti cannot be held responsible for late deliveries independent from our will or control, even none constitutive of a case of force majeure.

Amendments to an order can only be accepted within 24 hours after the mailed confirmation. Any changes afterwards are at customer’s full responsibility and expense.

The general sales conditions are always applicable. These can be found on our website:
www.manutti.com/terms_of_sale and in our Professional Zone, “Customer Documents”

Manutti bv applies a 2 year warranty period to its branded products, with exception of cushions, protective covers and textiles, against manufacturing and material errors that would affect their use, and this under normal residential use and conditions. Discolouration, fading colours, changes in wood structure, cracks or scratches occurring (in varnish) during use, damage resulting from defective maintenance or inappropriate use, mishandling, … are not covered by this warranty.
The day the product was bought by the official dealer/partner of Manutti is the day the warranty starts (date on final invoice).

In the event of a (warranty) claim, pass all necessary information to Manutti bv, following the instructions in our Terms & Conditions in our Professional Zone, by filling in our “Complaint form” that can be found in the Professional Zone/Customer Document.

Return policy
Written authorisation must be obtained by Manutti bv prior to returning any product. Products returned without any prior written authorisation will be refused.
Returned goods will only be accepted if returned in their original packaging.

Transport terms

  • Shipments are conducted on an Ex-Warehouse basis (Deerlijk, Belgium).
  • Transport with DHL/TNT or other third parties are at the request and on charge of the partner and will be increased by 100€, excl. VAT handling costs
  • Manutti bv reserves the right to adjust these transport terms at any time if transport charges increase due to higher fuel costs, kilometer charges, tolls, congestion costs,…
  • Manutti bv only delivers to professional warehouses. Deliveries to private addresses are not allowed.

Guidelines for receiving goods

  1. Check the number of boxes
    • If boxes are missing, make a note on the CMR/delivery note.
  2. Check the goods for visible damage
    • Check for damaged packaging : dents, rips,…
    • If boxes are damaged, make a note on the CMR/delivery note with a clear description of the damage.
  3. For deliveries with stones or ceramics : open the packaging and check the top
    • If items are damaged, make a note on the CMR/delivery note with a clear description of the damage.
  4. If all items are delivered and there is no damage, sign the delivery note in a correct way
  5. If items are missing or damaged, fill out and sign the delivery note in a correct way and pass on all necessary information to Manutti bv within 2 business days by filling in the “Complaint Procedure” form on our Professional Zone/Customer Documents..
  6. Manutti cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered, if the guidelines above have not been followed.



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