Hotel Selman

Marrakech, Morocco

We all know the tales from the thousand and one nights. But what if we told you they are not make-believe, apart from the genie in the bottle part, that is? In Marrakech, in the shadows of the mighty Atlas Mountains, lies the exceptional Selman hotel, a magical storybook palace. The intimate family estate offers exclusive rooms, suites, and villas in true Moroccan style, ensuring that their guests feel nothing but majestic. It’s a place of alluring charm where reality lies on the edge of fantasy. Even better: it doesn’t take a carpet ride to get there.

Almost made to match …

To really accentuate the hotel’s defining look and feel, the designers were after something exquisite. Something exotic, with more than a hint of opulence, to match visitors’ storybook expectations. And just like Cinderella’s slipper, the Manutti Malibu collection by Stephane De Winter was a perfect fit! Every piece from this collection is perfectly aligned with the Selman sensation. The patio chair in particular, with its classical rounded details, gracefully balances with the sleek shape of the lengthy swimming pool.

Relaxing in the spa

Malibu shines – no matter the weather!

The chair’s elegant wicker frame, with a nod to imperial tastes, is elegantly decorated with soft cushions in vanilla white, giving the covered terraces and porches of Selman bright, yet classy appeal. Even the palm trees look more lavish and luxurious amid all this refinement. They provide a natural umbrella against the hot Moroccan sun. Thanks to the use of high-quality thermoplastic fibre, Malibu, however, is made to resist even the most extreme temperatures. Quite literally, a heartwarming Arabian tale.

Enjoying a brunch in Hotel selman
lunching in the garden
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor chairs
Outdoor dining set
Outdoor furniture set

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