Hotel Selman

Marrakech, Morocco

The Selman hotel in Marrakesh seduces with its timeless harmony. A place of distinct, sublime and alluring charm. At this intimate, personal and family-owned property, each guest shares in the joy, love and dreams of their warm and passionate hosts.

An exotic touch

This hotel appears to come right from a 1001 nights’ fairy tale and asks for a collection with an exotic touch and a hint of opulence. The Malibu collection seemed to be made for this hotel, for each area the interior designer found a matching piece from this collection. The striking patio chair in particular is a match made in heaven for this fabulous covered swimming pool. 

Enjoying a brunch in Hotel selman
Relaxing in the spa
lunching in the garden
Outdoor furniture
Outdoor chairs
Outdoor dining set
Outdoor furniture set

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