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Moon Island Moon Island concept 2 - nautic textiles sand

  • Moon Island concept 2 - nautic textiles sand
Moon Island concept 2 - nautic textiles sand
Designed by
Gerd Couckhuyt

Moon Island consists of four sofa islands that can be mixed and moved around a central coffee table or footrest. The minimalist design gives your imagination free rein: possibilities range from an intimate sofa corner to an accommodating lounge island. The Moon Island collection comes in a wide variety of fabrics and colours.

Features modular system
Options customizable with fabrics from CAT.A and CAT.B
protective cover
Download collection sheet

Technical Drawing

cm inch
    • FRONT 63 265
    • TOP 186 265

Available in


PCA shingle F11 PCA shingle F11


Nautic Leather White Nautic Leather White
AW nautic textiles sand T11N AW nautic textiles sand T11N

Suggested colour combinations

sd nautic sand 1

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