Protective covers

We offer an appropriate cover solution for almost every collection. Whether you are looking for an easy way to protect your Manutti furniture from poor weather conditions or for an elegant off-season storage solution, our protective covers will do the trick. Our soft covers offer the best stain- and water-repelling protection.

With handy stay-on straps, our close-fitting covers ensure easy placement and maintenance. In addition, their antifungal properties will prevent the mold growth. 

  • Make sure that your furniture is 100% dry before covering it with a protective cover. The cushions (cushion upholstery + foams inside the cushions) must be completely dry before storage to prevent mold growth.
  • We strongly advise to take off your PCO for a few hours on a dry day every 4 to 5 weeks, to air out the cover and the furniture and to prevent mold growth.
  • Wash the protective cover at least twice per year using a mild detergent and lukewarm water.

However, Manutti does not recommend using protective covers for wood tops (aged teak, teak and iroko).

Polyurethane coated soft covers

  • Welded, not stitched seams (no water infiltration possible)
  • Mold and fungal resistant
  • Breathable fabric

Protective covers: Furniture

A protective cover is made to fit each separate piece of furniture: it follows the lines of the design so that, even when covered, you still can see the beautiful shape of your Manutti furniture. The protective covers for stackable chairs and 1-seaters fit over 4 stacked pieces.

Protective covers Flows
Protective covers Kumo
Protective covers Elements
Protective covers Moon island
Protective covers Kobo
Protective covers Cascade
Protective covers Zendo
Protective covers Liner
Protective covers Loop
Protective covers Duo
Protective covers Radius
Protective covers Echo
Protective covers River
Protective covers San Diego

Protective covers: Concept

A concept cover is made to order to cover up your chosen Manutti concept in full. An easy-fitting solution.

Flows Concept
Kumo Concept
Elements Concept
Zendo Concept
San Diego Concept
Fuse Concept

Protective covers: Tabletop

Our custom size tabletop covers only cover up the tabletop, not the support of the table nor the chairs you choose to use with the table. Only for Trespa®, acid etched glass and ceramic table tops.

Trento tabletop
Torsa tabletop
Napoli tabletop
Mood tabletop
Fuse tabletop

Protective cover bag

A protective cover bag is included for concepts and optional for single covers
Protective cover bag

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