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Neem een duik in de lente

Neem een duik in de lente

De lente hangt in de lucht! Dit is het uitgelezen moment om mooie herinneringen buiten te creëren. Ben je klaar voor een spetterende start? Duik dan vol overgave in je eigen Manutti-moment met onze luxueuze zwembadmeubelen. Geef je over aan het comfort van Kobo, vind rust met Radoc of dein mee op het ritme van de dag met Elements. Van gezellig peddelen tot waterplezier met het hele gezin ... Het leven is gewoon zo veel beter aan het zwembad!

Radoc sun loungers

Take a break from the water with Radoc

After enjoying countless hours of pool-time fun, treat yourself to some well-deserved downtime. Lay back, close your eyes and revel in the exclusive comfort of Radoc. Beautiful in bronze, silver and pepper, these loungers top off each terrace with a modern, sophisticated look. We’re betting outdoor luxury never felt the same.

Unwind in Kobo

Or plunge into the plush seating of Kobo for some proper relaxation. Enjoying drinks at the poolside with your loved ones cannot get more comfortable. The Kobo loungers really take quality time to the next level. Pair your handwoven frame in pepper or anthracite with decorative cushions in a rainbow of colours. How gorgeous! Your poolside garden will be picture perfect for every get-together.

Air sun lounger

A Manutti moment for everyone

Personalise your outdoor experience with Kumo, opt for the state-of-the art Air lounger or go for a dazzling décor with Elements. These one-of-a-kind loungers make for the perfect venue to share those memorable moments with your favourite people. Worn-out by the day full of thrills, your comfy poolside lounger is waiting to welcome you back.

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