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Craftsmanship and Technology

Weaving Kobo

The luxury of craftsmanship

At Manutti, we believe that both innovation and artisanal skill are needed to design truly groundbreaking luxury outdoor furniture solutions. Our products harmoniously combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies and are inspired by the warmth and colour of their natural surroundings. While each piece is distinctive, they all share timeless appeal that invites people to spend any time of the day outside in luxury, bathing in light and surrounded by an authentic ambience.

Solid dining chair

Connecting high tech with tradition

Our experienced artisans manually refine and treat the carefully selected materials of our pieces using pioneering techniques. Carefully executed finishings give our black teak elements their eye-catching alternation between glossy and matte textures, and all rope seating elements are woven by hand. Thanks to our ceaseless attention to detail, each piece of furniture radiates just the right amount of elegance, drama and power.

Solid stool
Qualitative teak

A marvel of technical complexity

Each creation is tailored to the customer experience. Our thorough research, open mindedness and insatiable creative curiosity encourage us to constantly seek the latest developments in technology and design. Manutti is a frontrunner in the use of imitation leather upholstery and finishing with fine stitching in complementary colours. We collaborate with top external designers, craftspeople and suppliers who offer superior quality. This is how Manutti has made its mark as a true trendsetter known for shaping the market for exclusive outdoor furniture.

Craftsmanship outdoor furniture

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