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Brushed teak nero, perfectly balancing indulgence and sophistication

Brushed teak nero, perfectly balancing indulgence and sophistication

Manutti designs aim to bring warmth, cocooning and finesse outdoors. In doing so, we present timeless collections that seamlessly combine craftsmanship with technology, and reimagined natural materials with lasting colours. In our quest to add more luxury to any outdoor experience, we introduce the sophisticated look of brushed teak nero. Experienced artisans manually sand, brush and treat the wood with a special technique that supports its structure and creates an eye-catching alternation between shiny and matt black surfaces. The end result perfectly balances indulgence with sophistication.

brushed teak nero

Flex, the shape of exclusivity

Flex, designed by Metrica Design Studio, unites a world of contrasts: limber yet strong, this collection features a light, elegant aluminium frame combined with the warmth of a handcrafted wood finish. Flex carefully balances old and new to give the pieces their defining characteristics. Flex teak nero version adds an extra touch of luxury with black hues that radiate just the right amount of elegance, drama and power.

flex sofa

Solid, elegantly powerful

For Lionel Doyen, design is a quest to find the perfect balance between technological innovation and the authenticity of craftsmanship. That balance manifests itself in the Solid collection. Outspoken in its choice of materials – brushed black teak – this collection is both an invitation and a bold statement. Durable down to the smallest detail, Solid evokes the power of an extensively crafted wood. The plush seating is nothing but luxurious elegance that moulds itself to your body.

solid chairs

Torsa, the confident

With its modest measurements, this flagship piece is ideally suited to adorn urban outdoor spaces – like terraces, courtyards and balconies. Romantic dinner, family gathering, festive banquet: Torsa has the ability to turn any space into a haven of sophisticated serenity at every occasion.

Torsa table

Prato, home in heart and soul

With Prato, Manutti has crafted a collection that feels at home in every outdoor setting. Its smooth, fine lines combined with the brushed teak nero top make this particular version of the Prato dining table a sight to behold. Combine with the bench and lava Duo chairs for an even more powerful look.

Prato table

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