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The emotional impact of colour

The emotional impact of colour

Colours are extremely powerful. Not only do they impact our emotions and behaviour, but we also express our hope, joy and expectations through colours – now more than ever before. When designers reflect on the right colour combinations for their creations, they always keep the fundamental purpose of colour in mind. Neutral, seaborne colours generally have a calming effect, which is why they lend themselves perfectly to the Manutti way of life. One glimpse at our ‘Salty Dunes’ mood board will surely set your mind adrift as you discover a world of shades that is both inviting and versatile.

Mood Salty Dunes

Simple by nature

Salty Dunes offers customers a one-way ticket to their ultimate dream escape. Rugged coastlines and pearly white beaches form the ideal backdrop for an idyllic seaside retreat. Nothing surpasses the rapture of a blissful awakening; with your first deep breath, the aromatic sea air fills your lungs.

Picture the sun in your face, the wind in your hair and your bare feet in the sand. This is a moment when freedom becomes tangible. Recline on sectional sofas, loungers, lounge chairs and poufs and feel totally at one with the waves.

Radoc lounge chair

On the oceans of eternity

Just like the ocean’s eternal tides, every collection within this mood radiates timeless serenity. Through a tasteful combination of supple rope, weathered wood and robust ceramic, we have managed to capture nature’s splendour in unique pieces of furniture. Discover our lush Flows, Radoc and River seating collections, stylish Minus and Prato dining tables and lightweight Duo chair. Complement your outdoor space with sophisticated rugs from our Linear or Twist collection. Add accessories in silver, white, soft green and yellow shades reminiscent of the dunes, the water and the sparkling sunlight.

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