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Mallorca Magic

Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Based in the exquisite island paradise of Mallorca, About Living are in the business of making magic. Founders Ramona & Sebastian Geigenberger have run the company since 2009, and offer their customers design, construction, project management and interior design, all in one package. They create slices of bespoke Balearic wonder, and when they need luxury outdoor furniture for their projects, they’ve long chosen Manutti. Prepare to be delighted by their stunning work.

A vista to fall in love with - Flex

A vista to fall in love with

The outdoor pool area of the aptly named ‘The Nest’ villa offers truly exquisite views of the surrounding island. Guests can admire the panorama from the comfort of the villa’s Flex sofa set, made with an aluminium frame and a handcrafted wood finish, stylishly complementing the wood detailing of the upper balcony. Mood and Torsa coffee tables round off the space perfect for putting down a mid-morning espresso, or late evening cocktail. 

A vista to fall in love with - flex

That exclusive feeling

The expansive pool area of the Serral villa is no less striking. A set of Air loungers with voluptuous cushions overlook the dual-layer swimming pool. Centra Max umbrellas give ample shade, so guests can stay comfortable all day in the sun. Outside one of several guest bedrooms, you find a cosy garden retreat, with Kobo lounge chairs, Touch poufs and a pair of Mood coffee tables. A perfect spot to relax in intimacy.

That exclusive feeling - Air
That exclusive feeling - Kobo

A deep dive into infinity

At the Jovellanos villa, guests feel like they’re swimming into the heavens, thanks to an extended pool that overlooks the azure sea. A pool window casts aquatic light onto Moon Island sofas located directly below in the lower garden. On the upper-level Cascade seating, paired with Mood coffee tables and Touch nomad poufs, create poolside style and comfort. Lumo lighting adds an extra dose of ambiance to the pool dining area, where guests are seated on ultra-light Echo armchairs.

A deep dive into infinity - Moon Island
A deep dive into infinity - Cascade
A deep dive into infinity - Echo

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