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From Austria with love

Nentwich, Austria

Nentwich is an Austrian horticulture and landscaping organisation that designs, visualises and creates exquisite garden projects and floral arrangements. From intimate terraces to lavish countryside estates, Nentwich’s craftsmanship is always attuned to your wishes. And every now and then, there’s a starring role for Manutti.

Zendo Sense Lounge

Zendo Sense Lounge

In this regal arrangement, the Zendo Sense and Mood collections melt into a monochrome display of pure luxury. Set in a majestic backdrop of Grecian-style architecture, the furniture’s soft fawn upholstery blends seamlessly with the smooth marbled aesthetic. The nesting Mood coffee tables’ teak scuro tops tie the ample seating space together, suggesting several subsequent summer soirées.

Flex lounge

Flows Lounge

Nentwich dressed the sleek lines of this sunny terrace with the classy combination of four Manutti showstoppers: Flows, Mood, Touch and Lumo. The vivid cushions and pouf are the jewel in the landscaping crown: they add a festive and modernistic burst of colour to the layout’s cool, muted tones. The nesting Mood coffee tables echo the teak scuro of the elegant Flows frame, offering a dazzling contrast to the Lumo LED light’s nocturnal sparkle.

Air daybed suite

Air daybed suite

How do you elevate an outdoor bar with plenty of cocktail potential? Nentwich didn’t hesitate and instantly paired it with a heavenly made-for-relaxation Manutti composition. Thanks to the effortless grace of our Air daybed, the robust Touch pouf and the minimalist Tavo side table, winding down has never been more fashionable.

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