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Good morning! Live the dream …

Good morning! Live the dream …

Smell that fresh cup of coffee. A tasty breakfast with your beloved ones awaits, while the gentle sunlight warms your face. The perfect ingredients for a peaceful morning. At Manutti, we believe in the beauty of outdoor spaces and their power to connect us. Our pieces are designed to inspire you to spend unforgettable moments outside with friends and family, at any time of day, from sunrise to sunset. Discover our take on how to best start a new day.

Dreamers’ delight, awake gently

Your morning ritual calls for a delicious cup of coffee. Take some time to savour your hot drink and recline in the featherlike seating of the remarkable Radoc lounge chairs. While wrapping yourself in the caressing aroma of your steaming beverage, listen to the joyful song of those early birds and enjoy this beautiful morning.

Taste the morning in all its glory

After relishing your morning drink, it is time to taste the delights of your delicious breakfast. While you revel in the soothing sunlight, invite your loved ones to gather around the sleek design of Torsa. Combined with the stunning Solid chairs, your morning table will be one to admire. An excellent moment to treat your guests to an exquisite banquet.

Feel relaxed, from Sunrise to sunset

As you move away from the breakfast table, spend some time together in the soothing ambiance of daybreak. Before you crack on, catch your breath in the superb comfort of Sunrise. Befitting of its name, there’s no better place than this brand-new collection to cherish a new dawn. Sit back in the wonderfully comfortable chairs, lose yourself in the luxurious sofas, and admire the beauty of morning in all its elegance.

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