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Sandua collection 2023

Sandua collection 2023

It is a thing of beauty when craftsmanship and innovation combine in perfect harmony. Distinctly different from one another, yet perfectly in sync, each piece in the Sandua collection is an ode to true artisanship.

An organically shaped woven shell is cradled by the sculpted wooden base. Using not one, but two different materials, designer Robin Hapelt developed a both modern and unique take on traditional weaving techniques, resulting in unmatched aesthetics as well as comfort. Topped off with opulent cushions, Sandua's dining and lounge chairs radiate sophisticated splendour. The collection's rechargeable, remote-controlled outdoor lighting is sure to brighten any outdoor setting.

Papasan daybed

Comfort comes in many shapes and forms, and in the case of Sandua – in a bowl. With roots going back centuries into East-Asian culture, the traditional papasan chair consists of a bowl-shaped rattan shell, resting on a round base.  For Sandua, Robin Hapelt combined rope and wicker into a completely new weaving technique, resulting in the collection’s typical Dicord® weave. The sturdy shell rests on an elegant teak base. Plush cushions guarantee you will never want to leave your seat as you allow yourself to dream away in a whole new experience of outdoor lounging.

High back lounge chair

Morning coffee overlooking the city skyline. Getting lost in your favorite book by the poolside. Laughing over drinks at sunset. Stargazing on a sultry summer night.

No matter the time or place, Sandua’s high back lounge chair is sure to rise to the occasion. Create your own perfect outdoor experience by pairing it with a side table, a second high back lounge chair, or as an addition to any other lounge set.

Sandua’s footrest with matching cushion adds the finishing touch to both the papasan and high back lounge chair.

Dining arm chair

Whether you’re having an al fresco lunch with friends or a festive dinner with family, Sandua’s dining arm chair is the perfect companion for any occasion. The uniquely woven shell results in a chair that is not only beautiful from all sides but also offers unmatched comfort. This stunning appearance is sure to spark a conversation, that could easily last for hours.


Sandua’s footrest adds the perfect finishing touch to your lounge. Take in the first rays of morning sun on your face, read your favorite book in the afternoon shade, or reflect on your day while watching the sunset. Kick up your feet and relax.

A match for any setting

Sandua’s teak base comes in either a warm natural teak colour, or Manutti’s signature black teak scuro. The woven shell is available in a soft pepper, or dark anthracite.

While teak-pepper and teak scuro-anthracite are our personal favorites, the Sandua bases and shells can be easily combined, allowing you to create the perfect match for your outdoor setting.

Plush, weatherproof cushions add the finishing touch and guarantee endless moments of outdoor luxury.

Sandua outdoor lighting

Light is essential when designing your outdoor space. While sunlight brightens up the day, Sandua outdoor lighting creates the perfect ambience in the evening. Available in small, medium and large, these remote-controlled and rechargeable lights take center stage and are sure to brighten any outdoor setting. Because in the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.


Dicord® is a unique handwoven combination of a flat wicker (HDPE) and rope, based on traditional weaving techniques from southeast Asia. Both wicker and rope are UV- and weather resistant, and can withstand a very wide range of temperatures, making Dicord® a perfect outdoor material.

Designed specifically for the luxurious Sandua collection, the material is available in two colours. Dark anthracite pairs perfectly with the teak scuro base, resulting in bold statement pieces, while the pepper weaving perfectly complements the warmth of Sandua’s teak natural bases.

Designed by Robin Hapelt

"Playful design from the heart"

Meet the designer of Sandua

About Manutti

Moments of tranquility, connection and fascination are what matter most in life. At Manutti, we are convinced that outdoors, under the energizing, radiant sun is the best place to enjoy these moments in the presence of the people we love.

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