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The best in lounging

The best in lounging

Soaking up some sun is what makes the summer! There’s something about the warm rays of sunshine that make us want to relinquish control and just kick up our feet. Beside the swimming pool, opulent Manutti lounge beds offer the perfect getaway for a relaxing moment or two. Recline in your Kobo or Radius lounger for a tranquil siesta or combine our modular Flows pieces into a fully-fledged lounge experience. Anything goes!

Di’ di sì a Kobo

Say yes to Kobo

Stretching out in your Kobo lounger is simply a sublime experience. That’s what we call the ultimate Manutti moment! Kobo really is a marvel of technical complexity. Its structure is made entirely of handmade rope surrounding a welded aluminium frame; it’s designed to make a statement. Thanks to the lounger’s deep, plush seating, you’ll experience extreme comfort. Perfect for a sunny read in royal splendour.

Radius, campione di leggerezza

Radius, airy and light

Sober lines and an airy design are at the heart of the Radius collection. Completely woven by hand with an uncompromising attention to detail, the Radius frame exudes just the right amount of elegance. Keep it simple or opt for matching backrest cushions designed for optimal seating comfort for those lengthy get-togethers that last till long after the sun goes down.

Personalise your outdoor cocoon

For those who love basking in the sun but want a slightly more decadent experience, we present our stylish Kumo and Elements lounge beds. Both of them are masterpieces; their stunning movable design is a sight for sore eyes.

Enjoy stretching out but don’t want to compromise on functionality either? Our Flows modular outdoor set offers the best of both worlds. The double end seat acts as the ideal lounger, but combined with the corner sofa, you’ll create a comfortable seating island for you and your guests, complete with cushy seats and a pillowy backrest. Get ready for a chillout summer!

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