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Robin Hapelt

Robin Hapelt

Designer of Sandua

Playful design from the heart

Born and raised in Germany, Robin Hapelt (1990) was fascinated by design from an early age. Having roots in Switzerland, he was especially drawn to sleek, Swiss design, a sheer example of playful minimalism. After attending art school, Hapelt studied product & interior design at the University of Applied Science in Aachen. For the Swiss-German designer great design doesn't just have to look good, it should also make people happy. That’s why all of his pieces exude contrast and humour. Hapelt is now residing in Southeast Asia, which he calls “a very exciting and inspiring part of the world.” Much of his work reflects the Asian culture, particularly his use of Oriental weaving techniques and materials like rattan and bamboo. He makes his debut designing for Manutti with the ethnic-inspired Sandua collection, for which he spent many hours experimenting himself with different weaving patterns and techniques.

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