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Hear the autumn calling

Hear the autumn calling

Summer might be over, but at Manutti, we are keeping our sunny side up. For all we know, we could be heading for a bright fall. As the leaves turn and the season changes, we are merely spectators to an enchanting spectacle of nature. The days sparkle with fall sunlight as we watch our lush gardens transform into gorgeous, colourful displays. Lay back and enjoy these magical sights from up close. Our Manutti loungers offer you the chance to do just that!


Outdoor delights, all year long  

At Manutti, we create outdoor experiences that live up to every expectation. Let’s be honest, why would you compromise on luxury and comfort when you can recreate the ambiance of your inside living room outside? Our outdoor lounge collections are so snug and stylish, we bet you’ll want to enjoy them all year.

Can’t resist the lure of the changing season? Step outside and breathe the fresh air for a moment or two. There’s no better place than our comfy lounge beds to enjoy the “year’s last, loveliest smile”, alone or in the company of friends and family. There’s plenty of room for everybody.


Lay down, stretch out: a glimpse of our lounge collection

Timeless in style, Kobo constitutes a marvel of technical complexity, thanks to a structure made entirely of hand-woven rope fitted around a welded aluminium frame. The full-length sofa with deep, plush seating offers extreme comfort.

Kobo sofa


The unique, airy design of the Radoc lounge chair is perfect for exquisite moments of warmth and closeness. The wrap-around back and armrests, made entirely out of rope give each piece a neomodern yet timeless look and feel.

Radoc lounge chair


With its inviting form and fascinating design, the Elements seating island is a sight for sore eyes. This ultra-modular and movable seating concept allows for endless arrangement options, thanks to the adjustable back of each piece.

Elements seating island


The San collection draws from Japanese art as inspiration for its truly iconic design. Both timeless and contemporary, the minimalist frames of our San benches have been meticulously refined to highlight every detail. An artful blend of shapes and materials illustrates the ingenuity of this creation.

San Collection

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