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Life is more vibrant in colour

Life is more vibrant in colour

Imagine a world in black and white … devoid of the colours we use to express our deepest emotions. You’ll find that it’s quite hard to do. After all, colours are so intrinsically connected with our notion of beauty they are often design trends in themselves. Each year, designers from all over the globe draw inspiration for their newest collections from a range of fashionable colours that quite literally set the tone. Here at Manutti, we have identified a colour scheme so edgy yet lush that we named it ‘Tropical Concrete’, symbolising the growing synergy between nature and city life.

Mood Tropical Concrete

A stylish, functional oasis of comfort

Tropical Concrete takes us back to the grandeur and excitement of the city, with its wide boulevards, open squares and dazzling architecture. Concrete buildings blend flawlessly with verdant trees and flower-filled city parks, an inspiring setting for stimulating outdoor gatherings. Now, let us set the mood.

Picture a sun-kissed rooftop terrace or city balcony. Right there, in the heart of vibrant city life, urbanites come to rest. Swanky sofas, loungers and lounge chairs incorporating robust natural elements such as rope, teak and ceramics create an ultimate sense of comfort. To match this energising urban vibe, ample statement features in silver, grey, anthracite and stylish black finish off the look.

Sofas, loungers and lounge chairs

One city, a world of contrasts

Whoever thinks that a city environment is grim and dull should take a look at our mood board; we’ll quickly prove them wrong. The colour palette of Tropical Concrete has so much more up its sleeve, including dramatic blue-green and warm red-brown, which it wields to express that majestic urban vibe.

Just like the city is a world of contrasts, the dining tables of this mood are topped with basalt black, marble black, or Perla white ceramics. The ability to encompass every style in just one place: that’s the core of the city’s excitement.

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