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Park Hotel Vitznau

Vitznau, Switzerland

Park hotel Vitznau is more resplendent today than ever before in its 110 year history. Following a 3 year renovation period, the hotel impresses with its dreamy location right on the banks of Lake Lucerne at the heart of Switzerland. A perfect blend of nostalgia and modern, the hotel is a tranquil oasis for peace and relaxation in the utmost privacy.

A fusion of nostalgia with innovation

Behind hundred-year-old walls lies a wonderfully inviting interior. The extensively renovated jewel on the banks of Lake Lucerne offers a hotel experience like no other, fully embracing the notion of preserving the past and shaping the future. For the design of public areas architect DI Albert E.Huber has chosen Manutti for its designs that fuse nostalgia with innovation. Together with Manutti partner GM-Möbel in Ebikon, a selection of classic yet contemporary collections were chosen creating a perfect blend with the renewed design of the hotel.

Lounging by the lake

Contemporary style, timeless design

The client instantly fell in love with the Liner loungers, designed by Bram Bollen. These highly functional loungers stand out because of their timeless design matching perfectly with the modern, yet nostalgic vibes of the hotel. Taking into account the large size of the garden, it was important to have lightweight pieces of furniture. The Liner loungers at the shores of the lake Lucerne area an invitation to dream away at the magical views on the beautiful lake.

Outdoor lounging

Luxurious appeal

For the terraces of the suites, the client selected the Zendo collection. The classic design of the upholstery sofa concept is a beautiful extension to your interior design. Refinement and meticulous finishing, reflected in the subtle tone-on-tone stitching, is where this collection really shines. The choice of materials allows for durable, weatherproof pieces that still feature luxurious appeal. Hotel visitors experience pure delight as they catch up with their loved ones in the Zendo seating area of Park Hotel Vitznau.

Hospitality loungers

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