The Rooftop

Massenhoven, Belgium

The Rooftop is the bar and restaurant of ‘Top Interieur’, a renowned upscale boutique of interior and outdoor designer furniture. In their new buildings they expanded their offer with an inspiring kitchen and decoration department. A perfect destination for a day of interior shopping.

Dining table and chairs

Maximizing the available space

The terrace is located on the top floor and is quite narrow. By combining the large Prato table with the small Napoli bistro tables and round Fuse tables, the client maximised the available space without creating a packed terrace. The treated teak endures the whims of nature on a rooftop terrace and can stay outside all year round.

Dining table for two people
The rooftop Massenhoven

Luxurious yet effortless and light

The client wanted to create an effortless and light feeling on his terrace. Thanks to its lightweight powder coated stainless steel frame, the mood chair is a true lightweight, in a literal and figurative sense. It’s extremely comfortable and a pleasure for the guests who want to relax after a tiring shopping trip. At the same time, they radiate class and style. 

Round dining table and wicker chairs
Outdoor chairs and dining table

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