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Chairing is caring

Chairing is caring

Outdoor spaces are the living rooms of summer where you can spend countless moments together. To really make those times memorable, you need furniture that’s both inviting and comfortable. From chairs, rocking chairs and bar stools to traditional stools and benches, Manutti offers a wide range of superior-quality design chairs in rich materials to suit every taste. Take a seat while we walk you through our summertime favourites.

Radoc chairs

Get cosy in your Radoc chair

Radoc rope seating elements are woven by hand, with uncompromising attention to detail and just the right amount of sophistication. The wrap-around back and armrests blend seamlessly, creating a unique, ultra-light stainless steel structure. Available in different colour schemes: opt for majestic bronze or silver tones or a brighter flint-pepper variety.

Duo dining set

Duo, so light and airy

Playing on the contrast between stability and fragility, Koen Van Extergem designed the Duo chair to be elegant and airy. The chair is composed of two curved steel frames attached to each other, giving the impression that the entire structure is held together by ropes. Available in lava and flint structures and seating in teak or woven fabric. Duo’s aesthetics are accentuated by the purity of its materials. A uniquely elegant rocking chair completes the collection.  

Solid dining set

Solid, a paragon of infallible strength

Inspired by organic forms, the Solid chair shies away from the straight and narrow. Its gentle, sensual curves emanate grace and completeness. Lionel Doyen designed a chair that is made to last, with a solid wooden frame that does its name every bit of justice. Easy on the eyes – and on the back! Available in natural teak and brushed teak nero.

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