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Lavish warmth of the outdoors

Lavish warmth of the outdoors

With living spaces getting smaller, finding pockets of serenity can be a challenge. That’s why Manutti brings its artistic vision to small living, with our designs for small roof decks, terraces and balconies. Experience outdoor luxury in the city centre or at your beach residence with the Radius collection, whose lightweight rope structure offers optimal comfort for long and lavish meals and moments brimming with peace.

Radius lounge chairs

Timeless and neo-modern

The timeless, neomodern style of the Radius collection is a perfect fit for exquisite moments of warmth and closeness.

Radius seamlessly combines craftsmanship with technology, and reimagined natural materials with lasting colours. All collection pieces are adorned with our characteristic hand-woven rope in silver, bronze or pepper.

Radius chairs

Radiant collection

Radius is characterized with its wrap-around backrest that integrates perfectly with the armrest. Radius includes armchairs, a lounge chair and footstool, a sofa 2,5 seater, a sofa 3 seater and a chaise longue.

All pieces come in three finishing: supple and contemporary with frame in flint and hand-woven ropes in pepper, a more sophisticated look with lava and silver ropes and a warm touch with lava and bronze ropes.

Radius lounge chairs

Create your elegant setting

Combine your Radius collection in flint frame and pepper ropes with Minus dining table. Choose a table-top in grey travertine for a ‘ton-sur-ton’ effect that blends perfectly with the natural surroundings or choose concrete ceramic to bring a more contemporary look to your outdoor experience.

In a more minimalist surrounding Radius in lava and silver ropes combines gently with the Mood side tables. Choose perly white table-top for a more sophisticated flair.

Radius lounge chairs

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