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Next level relaxation

Next level relaxation

A spacious lounge or a comfy sofa corner? The classic design of the Zendo sofa concept matches any exterior space. Experience pure delight as you catch up with your loved ones at your garden or rooftop terrace.

Zendo sofa

Luxurious appeal

The classic design of the upholstery sofa concept is a beautiful extension to your interior design. Refinement and meticulous finishing, reflected in the subtle tone-on-tone stitching, is where this collection really shines. The choice of materials allows for durable, weatherproof pieces that still feature luxurious appeal.

Zendo sofa

Your spacious lounge area

Available in lava and white frame with finishing in lotus smokey and lotus sparrow upholstery, the Zendo lounge collection includes a chair, a lounge chair, a lounger, a side table and both fixed and modular sofas.

Zendo sofa

A magical atmosphere with the right accessories

Add some joy to your Zendo concept with the Touch collection. Developed specifically for outdoor use, these poufs are treated to provide increased resistance to UV rays. They are available in round and rectangular versions. With their unembellished lines they set the pace for the living spaces.

When twilight sets in, the Flame Lumo lighting provide an instant magical atmosphere in any outdoor space. The collection comes in lava and white and is the perfect ingredient to your sunset cocktails at your outdoor lounge area.

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