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Colourful outdoor living

Colourful outdoor living

Enjoy the peacefulness of country life in cosy, rustic surroundings. Look around and find yourself in a world that’s both dreamlike and authentic. Inspired from the Mediterranean’s beautiful, rolling landscape, our designers have created Tender Earth: a warm and feminine color palette that will set your spirits soaring.

Mood Tender Earth

Your outdoor furniture combines the natural strength of rope, teak and ceramics with warm, ea thy tones that blend gently together. Trim your lush chairs, loungers and sofas with royal cushions that fuse solid fabrics with subtle structures and muted colours: terracotta, pale red, grey, beiges and brown. Add a touch of emerald green for a bolder look and feel.

Mood Tender Earth

Teak and iroko coffee, dining and bar tables are luxuriously appointed: opt for a deepbrown emperador marble with golden tones for majestic wining and dining or discover the history of a soft brown-grey Fossil ceramic. Mix and match with warm, red-toned accessories to complete your space.

Solid chairs

For now, park your Vespa and flop into a comfy chair on an idyllic porch decorated with romantic arches and terracotta embellishments. Listen to the sounds of happily babbling brooks while the gentle scents of lavender and citrus fill the air. Feel the warm summer breeze touching your skin and submerge yourself in the moment. It’s Manutti Tender Earth.

Flex sofa

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