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Nesting tables, a fun combo of heights

Nesting tables, a fun combo of heights

Let’s face it: nesting tables are not just sidekicks to your comfortable outdoor sofas. They might be functional additions to your space, but when it comes to design, Manutti likes to put them right in the centre. One glimpse at Tsuki and Cobi – our newest ranges of side and coffee tables – proves us right: their unique designs were made to be admired. To add to the fun, they come in various heights to easily slide under and over each other. Beautiful on their own, simply stunning together!

Tsuki, a playful eyecatcher

Tsuki is not your ordinary side table, thanks to its unique organic shape. No matter how you look at it, a Tsuki table always appears different due to the stylish colour shades at play, cracked wood lines and irregular natural structures of the timber. In addition to Teak Natural, where the wood is brushed for a rougher effect, Tsuki is also available in a luxurious matte black finish, Teak Scuro.

Tsuki side table

Cobi, our signature design

Need plenty of space? Thanks to its large top surface, the Cobi coffee table allows for elaborate décor or an extravagant tapas spread. The elegant base not only provides the necessary stability, but also makes sure that Cobi remains light and airy. Cobi combines perfectly with sofas from the popular Flows, Kobo, Air and River collections. Just like Tsuki, Cobi is available in Brushed Teak or Teak Scuro.

Cobi coffee table

Torsa and Mood, classics in a new guise

Already icons, the popular Torsa and Mood table collections need no introduction. Both series have been expanded with a new 60-centimetre circular coffee table. Due to the different heights and diameters of their predecessors, you can (re)arrange them and make any nesting combination you like. Choose your favourite tabletop from a wide range of finishes, from iroko, to ceramic, acid-etched glass and Trespa.

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