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Kobo, better than the classic

Kobo, better than the classic

Our outdoor spaces have proven themselves essential this past year. That’s why they merit our full attention. In fact, to us, it’s quite obvious that every home deserves an icon. Distinctive and timeless in style, our Kobo sofas and loungers make the grade. Stephane De Winter has designed a collection that combines elegant appeal with technical ingenuity. The result is comfortable seating that leaves a lasting impression. Let’s shine some light on what makes Kobo such an instant classic.

Kobo chair

Visible softness, invisible strength

For De Winter, good design goes hand in hand with usability and comfort. Kobo’s splendour can be attributed to a remarkable curved structure made entirely of hand-woven rope surrounding a welded aluminium frame. Covered with deep, plush seating, Kobo offers extreme comfort. Out of Manutti’s extensive range of fabrics and materials, we’ve designed five suggested colour combo’s that perfectly complement Kobo’s iconic status. Whatever your mood, we have the matching colour palette.

Kobo loungers

A statement piece

Kobo is a true marvel of technical complexity and designed to be the main focal point of any outdoor space. The collection includes a 1-seater, 3-seater or full-length lounger. All-in rope, Kobo comes in two colours: pepper and anthracite. Opt for the latter to give the generous seaters a slightly more rugged appeal. It’s definitely one way to keep in tune with the off black trend this season

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