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The luxury of craftsmanship

The luxury of craftsmanship

At Manutti, we believe that both innovation and artisanal skill are needed to design truly groundbreaking luxury outdoor furniture solutions. Our products harmoniously combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies and are inspired by the warmth and colour of their natural surroundings. While each piece is distinctive, they all share timeless appeal that invites people to spend any time of the day outside in luxury. For your outdoor sunset dinners, we have selected for you two of our crafted chairs.

Duo chairs

Connecting high-tech with tradition

In their durable yet airy design, the Duo chair and rocking chair by Koen Van Extergem radiate purity. Marked by the duality of traditional craftsmanship and meticulous metalwork, both chairs are beacons of transparency. Duo is composed of two connected frames made of bent steel, giving the impression of being held together by ropes.

Duo is ideal for combination with Minus dining table and will bring elegance and finesse to your dinners by the seaside or at your rooftop terrace. The Duo rocking chair is the winner of the 2018 Archiproducts Design Award in the ‘Outdoor’ category.

Solid chair

A bold statement

Fashioned from natural teak and brushed teak nero, the Solid collection by Lionel Doyen is both an invitation and a bold statement. Durable down to the smallest detail, they embody Doyen’s signature balance between technological innovation and authenticity. The brushed teak nero finish adds a muchcoveted sense of sophistication. Experienced artisans manually sand, brush and treat the wood with a special technique that supports its structure and creates an eyecatching alternation between shiny and matt black surfaces. The black hues radiate just the right amount of elegance, drama and power. The end result perfectly balances indulgence with sophistication.

Solid chair

Choose a pure and unique feeling of luxury with Minus and Torsa tables in natural teak and teak nero. Manutti presents a high-dining, 90-cm version of its dining and bistro tables that matches perfectly with the 61-cm Solid counter stool and barstool. The result is a cosy and comfortable setting for dinners, lunches and late-night talks that is perfect for hotels and offices or residential spaces.

Duo counter stools

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