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San, the beauty of subtlety

San, the beauty of subtlety

What makes an icon? In a world where mainstream dominates, it’s not hard to recognise the extraordinary. A true design piece makes a definite mark that transcends mere appreciation. San, from Frenchman designer Lionel Doyen, is a veritable statement collection that exudes elegance and luxury. Its minimalist frame and sophisticated look transform any outdoor space into an artful scene. Perfectly finished down to the smallest details, San is both timeless and contemporary. The collection’s stylish benches and modular sofas fit beautifully within any setting, inside and out. No wonder it snagged the Interior Design's Best of Year Award. Simply stunning!

San sketch

The way of Zen

From the first glance, it is clear where Doyen found his inspiration for San’s minimalist appeal. The collection unmistakably carries the signature of the Japanese Zen aesthetic, which always strives to achieve balance in simplicity. That is why the refined pieces constitute an authentic blend of geometric shapes and pure materials. Its ingenious form radiates serenity and tranquillity,  creating a rare sensation of total comfort. Simple and lightweight, San is the perfect match for every design aficionado.

San sofa

San of a kind

A stunner in every setting, San gives just that little bit extra. Every piece of furniture  plays with a mix of forms and materials, for an elegant, unique, and versatile ensemble. Exotic Iroko wood seating matches seamlessly with the stainless steel structure of the frame. Complete the look with subtle marble side tables in New Portoro Poli black and Carrara C white or opt for movable back and armrests for maximum seating comfort. Elegant cushions in warm neutral tones, sophisticated greens or metallic blues offer the ultimate finishing touch!

San sofa detail

Masters in form and function

At Manutti, we design a sense of luxury. All our products harmoniously combine traditional craftsmanship with new technologies, making them suitable for daily use. Thanks to this approach, the San collection balances finesse, comfort, and functionality. Each piece, from bench to 1/2 seater and lounger, is inspired by the warmth and colour of its natural surroundings. Meticulously crafted by hand, San is a sensation, to say the least.

San sofas

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