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Explora Journeys

Sea, MSC Cruises

Get on board! Manutti now graces the decks of all the luxury suites on the MSC Explora I, a premier luxury cruise ship. This achievement is the culmination of our pursuit of excellence and adherence to the highest standards of safety and performance. After rigorous testing and dedication, we are proud to have earned the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Approval. Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter, bringing unparalleled luxury and comfort to the high seas.

Zendo Sense chaise lounge, Radoc dining chair and Napoli table

Explora Journeys

Experience vibrant cosmopolitan life aboard, with European luxury, 5-star dining, ocean wellness experiences, and tech-savvy comforts in sophisticated suites, all while enjoying beautiful sea views. This is what Explora I is about, the luxury lifestyle brand of the MSC Group, Explora Journeys, and the first of up to six luxury ships. 

Manutti had the pleasure of filling the decks of the Explora I with some beautiful, durable pieces. Zendo Sense, Radoc, Flows, Sunrise, and Torsa were the main characters of the suites, penthouses and even the ‘Owner’s Residence’ of Explora I. As Manutti’s comfort is perfect to relax and enjoy the panoramic ocean views, also Explora II is already awaiting to be boarded by the presence of our craftmanship.

Flows sunlounger, Sunrise dining chair, Torsa table

Med Certificate

Our fascinating journey to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in the maritime industry has led us to a significant milestone. Manutti furniture being on the Explora l means we have successfully attained the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Certification for upholstered furniture. This accomplishment marks a giant leap forward in the maritime world, signifying our unwavering commitment to safety, security, efficiency and excellence.

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