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Japandi, a union complements

Japandi, a union complements

While simplicity is at the core of Japanese design, cosy and homelike is a typical Scandi vibe. Occasionally, contrasts combine so effortlessly together that they turn out to be not so different after all: they’re complements. When distilled Japanese design unites with the warm Scandinavian feel, a new minimalism takes shape. Meet 'Japandi', a perfect balance between clean lines and organic forms. Manutti managed to capture this trend perfectly in timeless pieces like San, Tsuki and Cobi.

San, an artful blend of shapes and materials

Firmly steeped in Japanese tradition, San is every bit an icon. Despite the minimalist frame of San benches and modular sofas, it’s clear that ultimate seating comfort prevails. Stylish, simple and functional above all, San has been meticulously refined to expose every detail. French designer Lionel Doyen has really captured the zen experience in a sensational piece of furniture, offering a guilt-free escape.

Tsuki outdoor sidetable

Tsuki, high spirited and exuberant

A playful combo of design, craftmanship and engineering, Tsuki is the latest addition to our range of side tables. Thanks to its unique and distinctive shape, this newcomer gives a frisky twist to any coffee break setting, inside or outside. Available in two sizes, perfectly paired, Tsuki comes in both Teak Natural and Teak Scuro, our newest oil-based impregnation that allows for a luxurious matte black finish. In line with the warm Japandi style, the table still showcases the natural textures and imperfections of the wood. Tsuki can easily be combined with pieces from almost any other Manutti collection.

Cobi table

Cobi, stripped-down elegance 

Created by American designer Matthew Townsend, Cobi is a pure and functional nesting table set.  An angular layout gives this coffee table a simple yet elegant appeal. Due to its different sizes and heights, the tables slide effortlessly over and under each other, to (re)arrange them any way you like. Beautiful in both standard Brushed Teak or Teak Scuro, this collection combines perfectly with Flex, Kobo, Air and River. Designed to be timeless, Cobi is a true example of Japandi’s characteristic tradition and craftmanship.

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